Jenna Mishler


Jenna Mishler is an Interdisciplinary artist and object maker, who works in and around the Chicago area.  She has a BA in Art History as well as Studio Art with a concentration in Photography from University of Saint Francis, Fort Wayne, IN.  Jenna received her MA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Columbia College Chicago.  

Jenna began as a photographer interested in alternative processes.  Her works progressed into a mix of photography, sculpture, installation, and painting among other mediums. Jenna enjoys experimenting with new mediums to further her practice, and is always looking for new ways to combine mediums.  She is inspired by the materials, patterns and textures found in daily life.  Jenna’s work is very detail oriented and the process is just as important to her as the final product.  Much of her work includes processes that are usually seen as craft, such as sewing and dyeing.  Jenna has lived in the Midwest for her whole life, specifically Indiana and Illinois, and much of her work combines natural materials from the Midwest ecosystem with materials and objects from her past and daily life.  Jenna has shown her work in multiple solo exhibitions in Chicago and her love of natural materials also carries over to the jewelry she makes and sells on Etsy.